Cargo Bikes: Mobility for Good

What started as a thesis project a decade ago guides everything Worldbike does today. It's centered on the belief that a low-cost, durable and "longtail" bicycle with integrated cargo capacity - a cargo bike - can change the life of someone living in rural poverty by connecting them to markets, schools and clinics. This bike was first conceivd on a trip to Nicaragua, where it was originally prototyped as a transport solution for local farmers. Since then, it's taken the form of bolt-on extensions, modified mountain bikes and today, an original longtail bike frame manufactured overseas and assembled locally.


These new bicycle technologies have been licensed for small-scale development programs to increase incomes and reduce poverty throughout Latin America and Africa. We're especially proud that two of the first Worldbike cargo bikes are featured in the Smithsonian National Design Museum, "Design for the Other 90%." Learn more about how we use bikes for development.

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